Mt. Erie Trolley Preschool


Welcome to Our School!

We provide hands on learning for the child who wants to merge into language immersion schools and communities. The Trolley Preschool provides each child with a sound bilingual education using the nationally recognized ABEKA curriculum and extraordinary supplemental activities and programs that help to develop the whole child. Learning is done, in upgraded facilities, using the typical classroom manipulatves and projects; as well as through exploratory programs that teach children to learn through discovery.

“My son has been with Mt. Erie since he was 3 months old. He is now 4
years old and I couldn’t be more happy about the care, attention and
dedication he receives at Mt. Erie.”

-Sharamis Martin

“Mt. Erie Trolley Preschool has been a great stepping stone for my
daughters future. Robyn has been in school since she was 2, and I have
noticed a big growth in her. i would refer parents to the program. I
love the program as a whole and Robyn enjoys coming.”

-Demetria Collins

Our Classes

The Trolley Preschool offers an immersion based Bilingual Program serving the needs of children 2-5, and their families. With a focus on a dual language program, individual cognitive, social and physical development, the bilingual teachers and staff work towards the same mission: Through an emergent bilingual curriculum and culturally rich environment we nurture children, preparing them to be successful in life, confident learners and true friends. Through constant exposure to the Spanish language, cultural activities, games, songs and books, children are developing oral language skills in both English and Spanish.

  • Entry Class

    • Assists children to recognize and respect the many ways children are the same and different from each other.
    • Individual and group play with emphasis on language development.
    • Incorporates the childs’ interest with the supplemental curriculum to increase understanding.
  • Intermediate Class

    • Lessons promote the development of each child’s appreciation of themselves as individuals competent in all the learning domains (physical, cognitive, social emotional and creative).
    • Validates and develop respect for all the languages and cultures represented in the program.
    • Lessons that teach effective living skills
  • K Prep Class

    • We aim to incorporate the child’s interests, cultural context, and events that make up their lives in our daily activities in order to foster children’s learning and critical thinking.
    • Assist children to develop the skills and attitudes to successfully deal with conflict resolution.
    • Lessons that promote pre-reading and writing skills.
Hours of Operation

The Trolley Preschool is open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. The center is closed for all federal holidays.

Professional Staff

Our staff is hiring with great care and consideration. The experienced professional staff include 3 teachers, with over 20 years of combined experience. The staff at the Trolley Preschool receives at least 32 hours of professional training per year in accordance with our license. All teachers at are certified and provide creative and innovative instruction.

Classroom Profiles

Trolley Preschool has 3 class levels, for children ages 2-5 and provides a 1:12 student/staff ratio. Each classroom has a qualified teacher to provide instruction and support for students. Students generally transition to a new classroom in September of each year.


We provide three meals a day to the children. Our meal program includes breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack, all prepared in our Elementary school kitchen, by certified food service personnel. Children who will have breakfast at the center should arrive by 8:00 a.m.

Admission & Enrollment

Families interested Mt. Erie Trolley Preschool should begin enrollment process by contacting the Center Director. The process begins by completing an application form to be reviewed by the Center Director. Once the application is completed, parents must provide the following: Vaccination Record and Physicians Report signed by the child’s pediatrician. Enrollment is based on available space in each classroom and the overall capacity of the center. We have immediate openings. Please call to schedule a tour!


    • $175 – Weekly Tuition
    • $150 – New Student Enrollment Fee
    • $75 – Book Fee

*There are discounts given to families with multiple children.