Mt. Erie Infant Toddler Center

We offer a Christian based comprehensive program for infants and toddlers ages 6 weeks to 2. 9 years. With more than 32 years of combine experience our seasoned staff provides the type of quality service you are looking to provide for your child. Our Infant Toddler Center is set up to provide opportunities for children to play in large groups and has separated spaces for small group developmentally appropriate activities. Our focus is to grow the whole child and to teach children Bible based curriculum through class lessons and during daily morning devotion.

Services for children 6 weeks to 10 months (non-walking)

Each day we maintain a schedule that allows us to have a peaceful, active, and well-oriented classroom for all. We provide instructional materials that help infants regulate their activities gradually, while continuing to balance the infants’ and groups’ needs. For our youngest children we provide opportunities for belly time and quiet “self” play. The non-walking children have a secluded nap area and enjoy gross motor stimulation activities in the large mat area each afternoon.

Services for 11 months to 18 months (walking)

Along with our Bible based curriculum, we support children in learning self care skills including feeding themselves and washing hands during transitional periods. We are flexible enough to have fun, however we establish routines that are consistent and offer teachable moments. By being responsive to children’s needs, we guide them into regular sleeping and eating patterns.

18 months – 2.9 years

For our oldest group of children we provide daily curriculum that helps to develop cognitive skills, large and small motor skills and social skills. Curriculum also includes Bible based lessons on stories from the Bible with character counts themes. Children have the opportunity to interact with each other during small group language circles, music and movement and paired manipulative play.

Acquired skills include enhance name recognition and an emphasis on colors and number recognition. Daily lessons encourage children to refer to self by name, label pictures and increase vocabulary by at least 2 words per day through exposure to thematic units.

Children master self care skills including feeding themselves and cleaning up themselves and their immediate play area. We are proud to partner with parents for potty “learning.” We have a proven system for moving children from pull ups to underwear.

All students are monitored and assessed for developmental benchmarks. These are communicated with parents daily on a Parent Report form and regularly during formal assessment periods. We pride ourselves in our parent/school partnerships that help to nurture the development of your child.

Some of the skills mastered by age 18 months:

  • Respond to familiar sounds, such as the telephone ringing or the vacuum cleaner
  • Understand simple commands, such as “eat” and “clean”
  • Recognize their own written name
  • Understand the names of familiar objects or people
  • Say “dad”, “mumma” and a few other words
  • Self- select to listen to music and books
  • Try to make familiar sounds, such as animal noises

Some of the skills mastered by age 2.9:

  • Say the names of simple body parts, such as nose or tummy
  • Understand simple sentences, such as “where’s your jacket?”
  • Use more than fifty words such as “no”, “gone”, “mine”, “teddy”
  • Sing simple songs, such as “Baa baa black sheep”
  • Listen to stories and say the names of pictures
  • Try simple sentences, such as “food all gone”