Before & After School Enrichment


“Working to make a better me…. mind, body, and soul”

Mission and Vision

Mt. Erie enrichment programs are designed to promote growth and development of skills that will aid in student’s social, academic, and professional lives. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment conducive to creating well rounded, productive individuals.

Each week students will be given exercises to focus on a particular area of growth. Students will work in improve everything from eating and study habits, to learn how money works and how to use computers to bring imagination to life.

Throughout the school year before/after school program and the summer program, students will have to opportunity to work with an individual mentor, create an individual learning objective plan, and be periodically tested through evaluation.

Program Philosophy

  • Mind, Body, Soul Enrichment – Each day students will work to mold themselves into well rounded individuals.
  • Mind: Activities stimulating intellectual growth (i.e spelling bees, puzzles, reading, math, science, film editing, computer technology, testing and evaluation)
  • Body: Learning ways to improve our body’s strength, health, and nutrition.
  • Soul: Achieving personal growth in self-confidence, self-discipline and self control.
Program Coordinator:

Kevin Conway
(619) 263-1914